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Originally Posted by Fetter Biff View Post
Usage: 1.30 GB - Allocated: 1.76 GB - Max: 1.76 GB
JD hardly responses now so I cannot access the RAM display.
This clears indicates JD does not have enough memory to perform the current tasks. You will need to increase it as per instructions provided by Jiaz, which can be find in one of my earlier replies. For optimum performance, the allocated memory should be less than max memory.

Originally Posted by Fetter Biff View Post
JD's use of RAM? How could I reduce it?
Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
You can reduce it again after you finish loading and exporting your dlc or large backup lists.
Meaning, you can reduce the allocated memory back to earlier levels after you have finished loading and exporting your links.

Loading large lists will require more memory. The memory currently allocated (1.76 GB) does not appear to be sufficient to load large lists. You may need to increase it to 4/6/8 GB etc., in order to load your dlc and backup lists.

Once you have finished loading and exporting then, you can change the allocated memory from e.g. 8 GB to back to 1.76 GB, since you will not be needing more than that during regular use.
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