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Originally Posted by Fetter Biff View Post
Wenn ich JD über JD ziehe und fallenlasse, reagiert JD nach einiger Zeit gar nicht mehr, kann also auch nicht in dem sich zeigenden Fenster, der Meldung, "Link Grabber" einstellen oder die Datei sonstwie zufügen.
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
For such a large list, it is very likely that your JDownloader goes out of memory and that's why it fails to load the list.
You should increase max memory in .vmoptions file.
Open it with texteditor and remove any -Xms line
and add a new line with -Xmx2g or -Xmx4g for 2 or 4gb memory.
500MB zip means 10k of 100k of links?!
Large list will require more memory to load. You may need to increase the allocated memory accordingly.
What characters do I have to use to comment out a line in that .vmoptions file. Is it a #?
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