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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
I see:
-> Link http: // is TRUE
-> Filtered Dupe: youtube (some of this)

What link did you add?
Which log file to find the link ?
[jd.controlling.linkchecker.LinkChecker(updateAvailableStatus)] -> Link http: // is TRUE
but it does not add into linkgrabber.I don't know what is the cause.

I tested just now ,1 with youtube , it grab into linkgrabber while another normal http .iso did not able to grab into the linkgrabber.

Just 2 links prove youtube is fine while others all not working.I mean all other links , include all the DDL or filefactory , rapidgator ,rockfile , random stuff and the rest as posted above , every single link not working.

It just stay idle on the linkgrabber and did not add into it.
It just happen Last week.I am not sure what is the cause.

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