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TYVM, that looks like exactly what I needed to know. Sounds like either way I can't get an updated hoster plugin into a running JD2, though? I was hoping to push local plugin changes into a running JD2, like what the plugin update mechanism can do.

re: git. Ok, that makes sense. The dev get-started page didn't say anything about submitting patches, which surprised me since that seemed like an obvious first step for new contributors. The nice thing with git for accepting patches is that you can send a patch as a git commit, and when it's applied the commit author is still the person that wrote it.

But if SVN works well enough for what you guys do, then I guess keep using it.

Locally, I can just use git-svn myself to let me use the tools I know, and make it easy to rebase my patches against current upstream before submitting.
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