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@Jiaz: Thanks for the update. I've edited my previous post to reflect this.

That said, that Advanced Setting (clipboarddisabledwarningflashenabled) is still searchable and shows a checkbox, though it would appear, from what you wrote, that checking/unchecking this does not actually change anything.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
In case you need other states as well (icon place is limited though) I can also add other indicators to it

As far as I'm concerned, even just one of the available locations (Settings > Tray Icon > Tray Icon indicates disabled clipboard monitoring) is perfectly placed and intuitive. I think that if anyone were to look to make a change with regard to the icon's look, then this location is logical and easy-to-find, given that "Tray Icon" has a dedicated entry in the Settings side panel. That was the first place where I had looked before you made the option that is located there as of now.

Thanks again!

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