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Default Possible memory leak in HCaptcha handling

Hi, wondering if you are aware of any memory leaks in HCaptcha handling? I'm currently bisecting the problem.

JDownloader 2 (Build: Fri Sep 17 15:19:08 CEST 2021)
Java 1.8.0_282(64bit) Windows 10

Have premium filejoker, and some credits on imagetyperz

I have a heap dump (hprof) file, not sure how to securely share that. Here's a screenshot of some of them expanded where I suspect the leak is: (this was from Java 11 I believe)

I've set the heap as big as 16gb and leaks about 2gb/hour (post GC) and eventually will run out of memory / slow to a crawl.

~1000 links in downloads

Next, I downgraded to Java 8 (via the provided JDownloader packages), no change.

Next, I disabled all captcha handling and the problem went away.
Next, I enabled imagetyperz [no leaks]
Next, I enabled Dialog(window) in JDownloader, Dialog(window) in Browser [no leeks]

Previously, I believe i also had JAntiCatpcha and enabled.

Will continue my investigation, but for now letting my downloads run for a bit...
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