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Default v15 vs v19?

Originally Posted by Samoth View Post
I guess... The Version Information under "Settings" changed to "7Zip Binding Version 15.09.-2.01beta". Can you tell me if this is correct?

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I just tried this too and got the same result. The most recent version of 7zip is actually v19, and v16 is from 2016. So it looks like this updated lib files is using v15?

@Jiaz there are no newer versions of these lib files that would use/point to 7Zip v19, right?

Perhaps an option to allow JD to use the system's existing installed extraction program (be it 7z or WR) could be a handy feature? One for the road map? (I am assuming it's not currently an option, as I have not encountered it... But I know JD can be quite versatile...)

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