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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@SSepp and dabrown: You should NOT disable auto update. In that case you don't receive feature/security updates and also can't use the upcomming new captcha handling.

It's just the browser plugin that I disabled auto updates on. The issue I have with auto-updates, though, is that sometimes the updates break more than they fix. Sometimes things work in a developer environment but don't work in a customer environment. That's not specific to JD; that's true anywhere. I prefer to "test" the update in a sandbox before deploying it to production. I was a software QA engineer for 15 years... I'd find a bug, the developers first response was, "well, it works on MY machine...". But if it doesn't work on MINE, I don't pass it.

And that was the problem with the updated plugin- it worked for some sites most the time. It worked for most sites part of the time, but sometimes it didn't. And some sites, it never passed the token back. On link aggregators it couldn't find the place to even open the captcha, and some hostersit couldn't auto-find the download button to open the captcha. Opening the hoster site in the browser for some sites then opened multiple scamware browser hijack ad pages (uploaded for one!) which was one of the reasons I use JD in the first place. The prior (and current) plugin didn't do any of that- it almost always worked, though the number of captchas is excessive, I preferred to use that, at least until the new handling is stable and works for all the sites I use. I'm completely willing to test out the new handling, but I want to be able to fall back if it doesn't work. Not wait days for a fix for something that wasn't broken to begin with.
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