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Originally Posted by plip View Post
All my attempts to grab the package/folder apparently get a "null" error when actually trying to do a replacement. I don't know why.
Package name will be 'null' unless it is set by the API/plugin/packagizer rule. Same with folder, 'null' if it is not set (default folder will be used when the link is sent to download tab). If placeholder is used (e.g. <jd:packagename>) that will be returned instead of the actual location. It will be replaced by the actual directory, when the links are sent to the download tab. If you have enabled subfolder by package name rule, replacing characters in folder will not be required, since it will be already replaced in package name.

Synchronous execution should be enabled for this to work correctly. Also note, the linked script is executed twice, since it does not query the 'state' property.
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