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Originally Posted by StrikeAgainst View Post
I maybe figured out a solution, at least for Firefox users.
I have a Google account which I'm usually logged in all the time. After deleting my whole browser cache recently to find out if it would do something with the Captcha puzzles, they actually got back to working smoothly. That was until I logged back into my Google account. So Google somehow seems to save a profile about your Captcha behaviour on multiple ends. Since I need to stay logged into Google, and Captchas somehow work best on your standard browser for whatever reason, I figured I could just try to open up Captchas in a private window by doing this:

Go to JDownloader's Advanced Settings and change the value of the "BrowserCaptchaSolver: Browser Commandline" entry to

[ "C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe", "-private-window", "%s" ]
whereas the path to Firefox depends on where you installed it (don't forget to escape the backslashes -> \\).

For me at least this did the job:)

Mine is not editable.

The only thing it will let me do is reset to default.

How do I edit it please?

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