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Default packagizer Regex

Hi, I do download few tv shows and I would like to ask for help in terms of regex for jdownloader2. I tried to follow this thread but I am getting no where that much.

My filename is something like this "asdf_01_SD_ACB.mkv". I wanted to to populate it under same folder which named "asdf" only. Same goes for "few_02_SD_ACB.mkv" would go to folder named "few".

So far I set:
filename contains _\d+_SD_ACB

download directory <jd:orgpackagename:1>
package name <jd:orgfilename:1>
I get no hits from the above regex. What bothers me, what does it mean by "<jd:orgpackagename:1>" especially in download directory?

I've been sorting them manually under same folder for each series but now I wanted to take advantage of the automation process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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