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Yeah I meant the last update, not sure when it was updated but I just noticed all my settings (ie account, packagizer) are gone.

Something must have happened that had clear the settings.

Anyway I managed to fix this by
1. make a backup of all settings (current)
2. restoring an older backup.
3. Export the packagizer rules that was saved from that older backup
4. restore my current backup
5. import the packagizer rules

BTW I noticed there is an interesting inconsistency with the spelling of packagiser.
On the Settings > Packagiser page

It is spelled with an "s" as in packagiser
but when you click export button,
under the files of type dropdown menu, it is spell with a z ie *.packagizer..

So maybe it should be fix with a consistent spelling of one word either as "packagiser"
or "packagizer"
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