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in package customiser, you can run the test function (place the url within and click play). If it doesn't match your given rule it will be placed within the default directory, so on that assumption your rule hasn't been applied?!

Also keep in mind that the package customiser has limitations, for instance when downloading content which is within archive volumes. It has no idea whats within the archive at the time the rule is applied, for all insensitive purposes its a archive.

Another reason it could fail is if you have created a rule that is:
file is online && (file is video (the file extension is not recognised as 'video') OR file type is 'custom' and you don't provide the correct extension possibilities yourself.).
solution would be to provide us with example rule (export it and test urls and we can test for ourselves)

another reason is you have multiple rules and the package customiser and it works in order. One of your other rules (sub directory as package name) proceeding your 'if video ....' and overwrites the previous.

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