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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
The way I know it from JD1: Go to your jd installfolder and delete the plugins folder.
Though not sure if that helps as your issue might be a configuration issue.

Better try with a fresh jd installation (simply install on another machine or other location) and check if you still have the issues then.

GreeZ psp
doesnt help. this is what happens when i delete it.

i dont think its the config tho. coz i already reset it to its default and still same... dunno, but my guess is somehow the plugin got corrupted when constantly restarting or closing and launching again JD, coz when u launch JD it checks the plugin cache perhaps along the way the plugins got corrupted...

i had to restart/relaunch it from time to time coz im using a proxy app to download from some host that set limitations per ip.

anyhow, i just reinstalled everything, no choice tho. i'll just have to create backup of all the files (zip 'em) so next time it happens no need to reinstall everything again...

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