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Default Cleanup deleted from download list

I'm mostly using JDownloader to download youtube-videos. I have a service that marks a video file as watched automatically by creating a file in the same folder as the video file. I am looking for a way to clean up the download list of the files (videos) I have already seen. Two methods come to mind.

First is that from the JDownloader I could default delete action for a option of "Delete the download folder and all files inside". This would have to delete that marker file also that my service created. Right now JDownloader only deletes the files it created and so the folder will remain with that one file.

Second option would be a cleanup command that would remove all finished links from the download list which don't have files on the disk. This way I could just remove the folders in windows explorer and then clean up the download list. I believe this would be more useful for other users than the first option.
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