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As I said in previous beta releases:
Bug: linkgrabber still capturing the clipboard links, with the checkbutton disabled.
(INFO [java_downloader] -> ClipBoard Observation disabled)
If this function doesn't mean to do that I suggest to add a feature to control the behaviour.
Not a big deal to do click to point the linkgrabber textbox, CTRL+A to select all, and CTRL+V to paste the last link(s) copied overwriting the textbox, but a feature that avoids to do that will be welcome

The textfield to add links is called "Linkadder", I guess that you are talking of this view.
Clipboardobserver is always active. I will add a config option to disable it completly.

Another suggestion: I miss the old button "pause after the next download in progress". I didn't test too many times if the new "pause" is recovering efficiently all the jobs. If it is then forget this suggestion.

This button just sets speedlimit to 1 kb/s. It's usefull if someone want's to free the bandwith for a few minutes like voip.

Stop after this download:
This button is gone. BUt we now have a stopmark. You can mark the last download. JD will stop after this download. Right click -> stop sign.
This new stop sign feature is more powerfull then the old one.

Awesome work !

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