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lol i see some of the people here are blind and never read previous poster before actually posting. i now see why psp gets annoyed sometimes. if you people stroll up a bit more you would see that its actually been working on since 4 days ago now. i have put some pics on how the site works so they can it done faster.
danccm, I don't know if your response was directed at me or not, and maybe I'm just stupid, but I don't see how we're supposed to get JD to work with letitbit. I looked at your post, and from what I see you posted some images where you are downloading directly from letitbit through their website. What about using JD to download? Is it necessary to install their "skymonk" program to download using JD? Does it work with JD if you do so? I understand that anyone can download directly from letitbit's website using a normal browser.

When psp says it's working in dev version but not in stable, does that mean it doesn't work for the average user like me, that just reinstalled JD?

I'm not trying to give anyone a hard time or whatever, I just need a simple, clear explanation as to whether or not JD is working at this time with letitbit, or if the issue is still being worked on. I posted my logfile but haven't gotten an answer as to whether or not I am doing something wrong. I don't know if I have the latest version of the plugin for letitbit or not, and whether or not I still need to wait for the next update for it to work properly.

I would really appreciate just a clear answer to the question. I guess I am "blind" as you say because I don't understand at this point if the problem has been solved or not. So I would thank you in advance if Jiaz, psp, or you would tell me what is happening with this issue. I don't come here to give anyone a hard time, I thank anyone that will help me (and others) and inform me what I'm doing wrong, if anything. If my questions are stupid, forgive me, I don't know as much about JD as many others. Thanks.