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Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
From the sample event script "create an Info-File in the Download-Folder with detailed information", where is this file created? ...
Default location for file is the download folder for that package:
sInfoFilePath = myPackage.getDownloadFolder() + "/" + myPackage.getName() + sInfoFileType; //<packageFolder>/<packageName>.<iContent>.info

Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
.. because after testing a download twice, i could not find the file anywhere ...
The file is created only if link/package comment or archive password is present:
var iContent = 0; //setting bit 1 if pwd is available, setting bit 2 if comments available //if not set, no info file

That behavior can be changed by modifying this line:
if (bWriteFile == true && iContent > 0) { //comment out or set "iContent >= 0" if info-file should be written always
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