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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
did you configure the xml with ... function?
for memory you need to remove uncheck the 'all', and change to without sign
You mean "withoutsign" in the first line in build.xml? (default "all")
Example <project default="withoutsign" basedir=".">

And I think a new example like "build-svn.xml" is helpful for the future.

Originally Posted by schwa226 View Post
I am running crazy! What software is this if nobody is able to compile it!?
All accepted changes are in the official builds.

Originally Posted by schwa226 View Post
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jdownloader.update.launcher.JDLauncher
Delete the updater in this source code (or start function) if this is your problem.

Originally Posted by schwa226 View Post
So nobody have a solution how I can make a standalone build with my patch above!?
It's more the time than the knowledge.
And not all elements are open source (e.g. updater, closed source things) in this case.
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