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I have rewritten the scripts in post #1508

Originally Posted by Dockel View Post
It appears not to work when I mark a folder to play a sound for all the downloads in the folder ...
You can now also mark folders.

... and when I select a download in the link grabber to play a sound ... So I have to mark the downloads itselfes in the download window always?
You can mark the link/package in download or linkgrabber tab. (Same script for both context menu triggers).

It seems pressing the play a sound item in the menu twice does not deactivate the sound?
Script will now toggle the comment to enable/disable sound notification.

Respectively can one see whether the sound is activated or not? Or deactivate it?
  • You can view/edit the comment in link/package properties panel.
  • You can use the search filter to filter the links by comment.
And is it possible to distinguish the download sound from the captcha sound?
The script uses the sound file which is available by default in JD. You can use your own sound file (wav format) by changing the path to the "myWavFile" in the script. For e.g. replace:

JD_HOME + "/themes/standard/org/jdownloader/sounds/captcha.wav"

"c:/audio files/my sound file.wav"

If you need any help configuring the script, feel free to find me in chat.
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