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Just use another sound file for that - as you can see the script contains the path to the file which will be played
Alright. But I cannot get it working with such (an error message appears):

//Play sound when download finished
//Trigger: A Download Stopped

if (link.finished) {
    var myComment = "#playsoundwhenfinished#";
    //var myWavFile = JD_HOME + "/themes/standard/org/jdownloader/sounds/captcha.wav"; 
    var myWavFile = JD_HOME + "I:\Eigene Dateien\Sounds - Audio\Klšnge\CONGRATS.WAV"; 
    var comment = link.comment || "";

    if (comment.indexOf(myComment) > -1) {
        link.comment = comment.replace(myComment, "");
Thank you very much for the rewritten scripts!

//Trigger : Downloadlist Contextmenu Button Pressed AND/OR Linkgrabber Contextmenu Button Pressed
How can I use both of them at the same time? Add the same script twice?

Sorry, I guess, I made a mistake, no sound.

If you need any help configuring the script, feel free to find me in chat.
Thank you very much!
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