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it is a pity that this great idea is apparently not being taken into account any more. Indeed, a script could do the job (in my opinion).

Pseudo language:
if (reconnect)
    if (update_available)
       write_environment ("reconnect", "Yes")
Upon jDownloader's restart:
if check_environment ("reconnect")
That means if jDownloader detects that updates are available once it is ready for doing a reconnect, it should write the information that a reconnect is required into some environment variable or config file.
Afterwards (without having done the reconnect so far) the update including restart could be performed.
Upon restart, jDownloader then checks if a reconnect is pending. If yes, it does it before starting the downloads.

Unfortunately, I am not that much familiar with jDownloader's script feature to determine if that is a reasonable approach.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

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