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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Because there are reasons ppl use linkcrypter/hide services.
That's very vague. What possible reason could you have to draw the line there? I'm honestly asking. I don't see the difference between this and anything else JD does. JD bypasses ads and causing more heavy bandwidth on websites and so on. So I could also say there are "reason" they have ads and other limitations, but JD doesn't have any problem undermining this?

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Of course JDownloader has to know the real url in order to process/download it but there is no reason to provide it to the user who just wants to download the file.
But when you guys fall behind on plugin updates, since you're obviously busy, using "Open in Browser" makes the process quick and easy until you guys have time to update the plugins, but we can't use "Open in Browser" when you block the URLs. That's the reason I use it for.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
If they want to access the real url there are many other ways (not even required to use JDownloader at all)
Any recommendations?

Honestly, simply extracting and using a .bat file to rename and combine the files into a single .txt and copy and pasting that into JD takes me only 7 seconds extra (Thanks to .bat file for reduced time.) and now JD has all the links completely unprotected. And that is simply one of the workarounds. Since it's so simple to do and any one who wants to do can do it anyways so easily, why not just add it to JD for people who want to use it for legitimate purposes?

Anyways, thanks for all the work you guys do and hope everyone's having a happy new year.
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