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Hi Jiaz thanks for the prompt answer.

I can send you the logs but i already check them and this is the only relevant line.

------------------------Thread: 17320:accountCheck:tout-debrid.eu_jd.plugins.hoster.ToutDebridEu-----------------------
--ID:17320TS:1536156695481-9/5/18 11:11:35 AM - [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException: ERROR_PREMIUM|Value:1
at jd.plugins.hoster.ToutDebridEu.loginWebsite(
at jd.plugins.hoster.ToutDebridEu.login(
at jd.plugins.hoster.ToutDebridEu.fetchAccountInfoWebsite(
at jd.plugins.hoster.ToutDebridEu.fetchAccountInfo(
at jd.controlling.AccountController.updateAccountInfo(
at jd.controlling.accountchecker.AccountChecker$AccountCheckJob.check(
at jd.controlling.accountchecker.AccountChecker$

Checking the source is in the login part, that it doesn't work because now there is also a captcha in the login, not just user/mail and password.

In fact I don't know if this will have a proper solution because i understand there is one login for each try of link translation for supported hosts, right?
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