Thread: [User feedback required] Pending Download Link/s Blocking Shutdown Ext.
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typical hoster issues which are caught in plugin are not user defined, a retry timer is set and core handles how many times a retry will happen before not continuing. At this time this isn't user defined at the core either.

typically JD does try multiple times, only when it exhausts this task does it set no retry. Im not aware of why it happens, I can only guess with zippyshare the server could just be overloaded with people downloading content in the same timeframe and when you wake up its now offpeak and the underlying issue has been resolved?

if dls are marked as no retry, it should allow shutdown event, only a retry event would allow timer to continue and a resumption to take place preventing shutdown.

People have made some scripts to scan for errors to auto resume (remove the error, and place dl back in queue or even reset (but you loose data dled). You can find that in the event script thread. I would possibly allow a loop to happen and prevent shutdown either further.
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