Thread: [User feedback required] Pending Download Link/s Blocking Shutdown Ext.
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This happened a few times so far, and the only common characteristic I remember in all cases was
the amount of links involved; when they exceeded, let's say, 130-50, the issue was triggered. I don't know if that
was really a determinant factor in order for it to happen, or rather, a mere expectable outcome since the bigger
amount of links.

If I remember correctly, those problematic links always get stuck without even starting; they just get a "problem" related message on them.

The sequence goes like this:

1- I add all the links (let's say 200).

I enable the "shutdown extension" (sleep mode).

3- I start the downloads (20 chunks/16 parts). Downloads progress normally, sometimes with "early" problematic links, but those usually end being downloaded fine. The whole process should take around "4" hours, but when I later check the system after approximately "7" hours, I found it wasn't put to sleep, because 1 or 2 problematic links that weren't started.

4- I manually reset such links, start the downloading process and they are finished alright.

That would mean none of the JD2's retries (12) attempts were successfully executed; and the precise kind of moment,
where I would like to configure JD2 in a way that it just omits problematic downloads, which didn't start
after 2 or 3 attempts, and make it proceed to sleep.

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