Thread: [User feedback required] Pending Download Link/s Blocking Shutdown Ext.
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Old 15.01.2020, 23:41
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While the downloads are still being processed ("start downloads" button still active), I just pick the faulty files and
reset them, since they didn't even start; so they are resumed right away. And although I don't remember exactly, I think most probably stopping the downloads and starting the process again would produce the same result.

I didn't tried decreasing the chunks amount even more, but before I switched to 16, I was using 20. Most of the times
the downloads are processed rightly, but I think I will just create a log the next time this problem shows up, so you might be able to see what's the exact deal with it.

P.S. I see the "start downloads" button is still able to being pressed and downloads process starts, even if there isn't nothing to download. Is that by design?
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