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with your current test its ~29% slower.

I assume you have the cpu priority advanced setting to high? settings > advanced settings > Extraction.cpupriority

problem as I see it, JD has little control over how slow the extraction event is, support is based on its external library. The external library will extract as fast as its code permits (and your system). The only influence JD has is interactions, like preventing extraction of specific items: filename based ignore and sub directory like rules. This could slow down extraction a little. It's not as simple task as external program that just extracts everything without the same check and balances. The only way to really compare if its the library is at fault would be use the external library directly (outside of JD) to perform exact same task, and making sure the same parameters (buffers, on disk checks) are performed by both sides. Then you could determine the exact influence JDownloader extraction extension has and also the library.

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