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@ Jiaz

for name, i mean, JD put post number + picture number + post name but tumblr already have generic name like tumblr_inline_or8o22qD2Z1ucbah1_540.png and sort depends on that.

really, i would prefer that only post have name like that and picture in post tumblr name + post name for easy search becouse many sites/users still send galleries with generic name. currently, JD name meant anything becouse i can't search/compare with others and must use Duplicate file finder. that method is slower and isn't reliable becouse author in meantime maybe edit some picture. Duplicate file finder can't find what i need but if picture have old generic name i can find it becouse the name is same.

163989474418 - 01 - Likkez — tiaz-3dx_ WEBM LINK Hey everyone ! Here is the.gif
preferred name
or8o22qD2Z1ucbah1 - Likkez — tiaz-3dx_ WEBM LINK Hey everyone ! Here is the.gif

that's why i asked who decide for name? user who asked for Tumblr or JD developers? or agreement between them?

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