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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
we didn't go out of our way to break it, ...
What bugs me more about all this is the way it was handled. Or rather, mishandled.

First, the system stops working without prior notice. Only a terse explanation that we will either have to install a Firefox browser extension or use the Android mydownloader app.

I don't use Firefox, and the extension doesn't work on the Firefox derivative I use (Pale Moon), so I figure installing mydownloader on my phone isn't too bad. Fortunately, I have an Android phone. (I have no idea what ppl stuck in the Apple ecosystem would have to do.)

Installation of the app goes flawlessly, but when I try to register an account, BIG FAIL. After I go thru the registration process, it says e-mail sent. It's 8 hours later, and I still haven't seen any e-mail, either in main mail or in spam.

If you're gonna change things so comprehensively, at least verify first that the systems you've set up to mitigate the problems are working. Otherwise, people will lose faith I you, like I have. :(
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