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I had sent a couple of PM's to pspzockerscene for you guys not to worry about it.

First message 01.11.2019, 20:40

"I found that the settings override, and that they cannot function without one another whenever premium is involved.

The best i have came up with so far is by selecting 1080p only on both Pornhub and Pornhub premium. But i still get two results for 1080p.

A regular one and one titled "hls", which i presume meaning HTTP Live Streaming? Like this.

KING NASIR Vs. KITTY JAGUAR_King Nasir_hls_1080p

What i want, is to have a single result in which the best resolution up to 1080p is selected for each video, regardless of being premium or not.

How can i achieve this? If i can achieve it."

Second message 01.11.2019, 20:49

"Never mind, i fixed it. The solution is to check the first two options:

Always only grab the best resolution available - Yes
Only grab selected resolution for best - Yes

And select the desirable resolutions, in my case 720 and 1080p. You need to do this for both plugins.

Now the best resolution between 720p and 1080p will be presented on both Pornhub and PornhubPremium whenever available.

You can add both these PM's to the thread and close it. Thanks xD"