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re 1)

its a feature called browser loop (covered on the forum and support articles)

use for better quality recaptchav1
browser solver is used for recaptchav2 (requires my.jd browser extension), and other newer captcha products (prob another 4 that use it).

disabling browser loop will result in really hard image quality
disabling browser solver will result in not been able to download from those services.

re 2)

two options, click and drag and resize the captcha dialog, it scales to the dialog size.
else settings > advanced settings > GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.captchascalefactor. keep in mind that this is for all new captchas that havent been resized by the first method.

re 3)

once marked as finished, (mirrors, errors/exceptions etc) you must 'resume, or reset, or delete and add again, or sometimes you can restart client (depending type)' in order to remove the status. It won't rego through your finished queue.
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