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Originally Posted by Fetter Biff View Post
So one somehow has to add each single script to a new item in the event scripter, I assume. And to give the items a name and do anything else?
Yes, you need to add them separately in eventscripter (will result in 4 separate entries).

  • Set script name can be any name (optional)
  • Select trigger specified in the script
  • Open editor by clicking 'edit' button
  • Paste script content
  • For context menu scripts, customize the context menu (can click large button on top in the script panel or customize the respective context menus in GUI) and add new menu item as specified in the script.
  • Save script
  • Enable script 'checkbox' in main panel.

  • An new button will be available in the download list/linkgrabber list which can be used to add links to history file (links will be deleted from list).
  • Duplicate files will be marked automatically (#duplicatelink will be added to the comment)
  • If the link exists in history file, it will be automatically skipped when download starts.

If you need any help setting it up, you can also find me in JD Chat:

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