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Default Losing focus after bulk rename

*Sorry, I corrected the title, since I misunderstood the meaning of "bulk".


It seems the behavior of items selection has been changed in LinkGrabbar and Downloads. Can you restore it to the previous behavior?

The issue is, after I rename multiple items, the focus of the items selection go something wrong, and then I can't move the selection by keyboard.

Let's say there is an expanded package with five items in it on Linkgrabber for example. And you are selecting all the items (Ctrl + a). If you press the down arrow key, you can select the bottom item only. However, once you rename the items, it does'nt move even if you press the arrow key. Please take a look at the attached screenshot.

How to reproduce:
1. Select multiple items in LinkGrabbar/Downloads.
2. Press F2 and rename the selected items (a small window appears and showing "Rename N link(s)")
3. After the small window closed, the selected items were renamed and kept selected, but I cannot move the selection by cursor/arrow keys. I have to use a mouse to select another item.

Previously, I could move my selection with keyborad even after the multiple rename. The change occurred very recently (within a month).

JD2 version: #39943
Java version: 1.8.0_40(64bit)
OS: Windows 10
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