Thread: [See Bugtracker] Losing focus after bulk rename
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Dear Supporters and Dev Teams,

This bug report has been left unanswered for two weeks since my initial post. Is it because my report is not clear enough or confusing? If so, sorry for my poor explanaiton! That being the case, can you simply follow the reproducing steps? You can easily find out the issue.

1. Select multiple items in LinkGrabbar or Downloads.
2. Press F2 and rename the selected items. The window focus moves to a small pop up window which is showing "Rename N link(s)".
3. Press "continue" button, then the small window closes and the window focus goes back to the main window. The selected items are renamed accordingly, and the items are still selected. However, you cannot move the selection by arrow keys anymore. You have to use a mouse instead of keyboard to select another item after the multiple rename.

My guess is that JD2 lost the cursor status during the window transitions.

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