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sorry but how to get the logfile and i dont have any free account in i need to create one???
The free account anyone can get without paying anything lets you download 250mB (this value changes at different times of day) more data than unregistered before making you wait. It also gives you priority over unregistered users when the servers are overloaded. And finally it only makes you wait 25 secs for your download link to load instead of 45 secs.

All in all not bad for free.

I have Jdownloader working perfectly with my free account, and the speed if anything seems faster. I'm getting 300-360Kb/s every link, before I'd get the odd link which would be more like 1/2 of that. (I'm in the UK if there's a theory it could be servers/location)

I just followed the instructions in the thread, ie restart JD twice and tick the disable auto-capcha. It works with the captcha left on, but not with my free account (only unregistered).

I hope this info is useful to someone and thanks coders/devs you are truly a talented and committed team with some serious skillz. Keep it up

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