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Default a really annoying bug

I was downloading 2 sets of around 20GB of rar files and then suddenly after it had extracted the second set, it begins downloading random files in the background despite it not being in the downloads page (it said 2 downloads running at the bottom and was downloading at my full speed).

So I looked to see what it was... it was the first set of rar files which has ALREADY been downloaded. So what did it do? Well it had already deleted the files and it only had 4 parts or so downloaded, so it OVERWROTE my WORKING extracted file and now has left me with me having to download it again.

I have no idea how to do the logs anymore on this new jd2, create a log is only available 2 hours ago when I need it for around 01:22AM on 30th, only has 10:01PM - 11:52pm on 29th currently nearest to time currently. But i'll stick it on anyway.

29.03.13 22.01.55to29.03.13 23.52.52 jdlog://1364606974053/

Please fix!

Edit: Ahar! I was too quick for it and renamed the folder, but still... it shouldn't be initiating downloads I didn't tell it to do. It continued downloading a file I clearly disabled for a while too, a .rev.

Edit2: It managed to do it to the 2nd file I wanted instead... GAAAH!!!

Edit3: Redownloaded it, tried to do it again so I stopped it by closing jdownloader. Screenshot:

I am downloading from netload via real-debrid if that is of any use.

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