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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Please provide a logfile. We need to see what error happens because the logic did not change and still only the host and not all should be temp disabled. So it must be a new error that the plugin does not handle yet/correct.
01.05.15 00.23.39to01.05.15 11.39.58 jdlog://9412973179241/

Between 5 and 6 o'clock should SO reached the traffic-limit and after this happens UL was also going to the free-mode what should not be.
I tested some days before: Without SO in free-mode UL works fine. One link from SO(free-mode) stops alos UL...

If API or not, (nearly?) every error forces JD into the free-mode and than JD never change back to the premium-mode.
Only remove and add the account let it working again.
And this behavior is realy annoying.
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