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Set max connections to 1
Why can't I increase the Max. simultaneous.
Because I see a error. Temp. Unavailable. (3 or 4 simultaneous)
This error cannot be solved in JD2.
I don't know why another tool can take up to 30 connections and I have HTTP Response 200 status all the time.

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and in JD2 the status 503 Error. (3 or 4 simultaneous)

Does that mean JD2 only has 1 max simultaneous limitation?
If that's what I understand it, very slowest kB/s per file download but still works.


JD2 Http Plugin Enabled or Disabled HTTP Download?

HTTP 200 Response Download
Enabled "Send 'Referer' with every request (recommended for most sites)
Enabled "Accept Cookies (recommended for most sites)
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