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If someone is trying to check this behavior please take in consideration what K2S deduct the quota only once between 24 hs.
That means if you download a file of 2 GB and before your quota is reset is downloaded again only 2 GB are deducted of your quota.
Even if you download the file 10 times (always what your quota is not reset) only ONCE is deducted.
When your quota is reset, if you download that file again hence is again deducted from your quota.

I say this because if someone is try to replicate this situation please do this way:

- Download a file (small if you don't want lose quota)
- Wait to your quota is reseted.
- Try to download the file again (without erase the previous file)
- JD tell you what the file exist and if you want skip or rename. Choose Skip
- Check your quota and you would see what the ENTIRE FILE SIZE was deducted.
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