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I'm currently running Core #37937.

This update has resulted in an advancement that I've been seeking for ages. My context menu now shows "Remove All" and - most importantly - "Remove Finished Downloads". That is an action that I use an enormous amount, so it's a huge help to have this so easily accessible in the context menu. It saves me lots of clicks. Thank you!

What doesn't (yet) work:

"Removed Finished Downloads" remains unselected/greyed out in the Main Toolbar.

Though this toolbar button and the context menu entry both trigger the same action, I would prefer to have them both; depending on what I'm doing I would more readily be drawn to one or the other. I may in fact be inclined to use the toolbar button more. That said, it's a great step to have at least one of the two features for now. But, if you have the time, I would be very happy if you could get the toolbar button to work as well.

I haven't noticed that anything has been broken as a result of your changes. I will certainly continue to follow up if or when I take note of anything that could be informative. It's the least I can do; your efforts and those of your team should be the standard that others making apps, browsers, and OS ought to be aspiring to. It's especially commendable how you patiently address the wishes and preferences of your user base. I encourage my fellow JDers to donate or to at least give a thank you wherever possible.
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