Thread: [Solved] Example myJD API curl?
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@Jiaz: I have JD2 installed on my server in a datacenter and I use to control it.

I wrote a script that fetches an RSS feed of new download links, and I want it to automatically send a download link to jdownloader. Nothing special, only adding the download link and starting the download. Automatically.

Or maybe there is a different solution for it?
Scenario: I have a fix download link (doesn't change), and I want it to automatically, weekly or monthly, (depending on download link), to be a added to JD2 and it should fetch the links and start the download. All done on a headless machine (Linux server).

Every Monday (weekly) the link **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff** should be added to JD2. It should fetch the files and start the download.

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