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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Script -> **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...
First i thought it wouldnt work but when i went through the script for the 100th time i actually understood i need to put the packagename back into the download directory instead of <jd:orgfilename:1>.

You are actually creating the package name instead of JD if a match is given it right? Thats way better than trying to have the folder renamed AFTER the download.. which was what i was thinking off.

Well thank you very much kind stranger.

One more question: if i would ever encounter something else in the filename like lets say a "-" or w/e i would just need to add it inside "[._]" right? Something like "[._-]" ? Or would it need some kind of divider?

edit: or even a "US" or "2017". Its okay to just add it to be replaced by a space since folder names cant have spaces at the end. I just tried [._US] which worked for the example link i dug out but logic tells me adding a 2017 behind that wouldnt work. Maybe [2017._US] would do, i just dont have a link with 2017 after the show name and before the SxxExx right now. D:

Its really damn rare but it comes up from time to time

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