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To wrap this up for others to find, i had a little chat with mgpai yesterday and he gave me the solution to the last could-be problem.

The right rule must be above the left one to make it work.
Those rules work in combination with the Event scripter... script mgpai wrote.

Now all files with SxxExx (and with US or 2017 coming right after) will be placed on my another drive placed in a folder with the file name without dots and cut right before the SxxExx. After JD sets the download directory the package gets renamed back to the file name so its easier to spot in the download list of JD.

mgpai had it working with a single rule doing the same. You are free to try but for some reason wouldn't work for me.

So all downloaded tv shows go into a folder with their name automatically. Which is especially nice if you have a kodi/plex/emby setup at home or just like your files sorted.

Thanks to raztoki, Jiaz and mgpai for making this possible.

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