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Thanks for the link to filebot, I might have used that when I first looked for an automatic sorting program.

Instead I downloaded and configured sickbeard which works for tv shows. Sickbeard is more limited in function but does a better job of tracking episodes. All it does is run on my server 24/7 and then I dump all the tv shows in to a single landing folder on the server. I open it's web interface on my main pc and trigger a manual sort and it quickly moves all the files into the kodi compatible folder heirarchy. And since it gets its info from tvdb the same as kodi does any auto-created folders [e.g. Castle (2009)] are 100% compatible for kodi scraping.

I've so far got 161 shows added. After the automated sorting (i.e. Manual Post-Processing) the best feature is that I can easily see if I have any episodes missing.

And did I mention it is free.
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