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**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

(Content warning: PG-13.)

I stumbled on this and was curious how big it was (it's a 10 *HOUR* video!!!) so I grabbed the link to see what JDownloader said about it. Nothing. Paste the link in, the screen blinks, nothing.

I finally figure out that JDownloader thinks the video is unavailable.

(Why anyone would actually want 10 hours of it I can't imagine.)
Originally Posted by Lram32 View Post
Merge threads... Please read the previous posts, maybe you need to add your youtube account to JD.
No, this is a different problem. JDownloader is willing to select (I haven't tried downloading) other Youtube videos. I have since figured out the file is over 5gb, I suspect that's barfing it.
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