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If you know any working method to download such videos, tell us so maybe we can implement it in JD.

GreeZ pspzockerscene
One of the Google Chrome extensions mentioned earlier in the thread:

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"Ultimate Youtube Downloader for Chrome"

This worked for me today for 3 (of 3) VEVO videos that I tried that JDownloader couldn't handle. Not sure how the extension works, or if it's something that would be applicable. I'm in the US fwiw.

I'm not sure if the MP3 "conversion" feature of the extension works the same way as JDownloader's (does JDownloader demux the original audio stream?). The extension gives you a 128kbps MP3, so if the audio stream in the FLV videos that have an MP3 soundtrack are usually less than 128kbps, I guess it means it's re-encoding it from somewhere.

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