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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@fred_gaou: Thanks for the script. I made the link visible

I suggest to use interval trigger and iterate through packages, check for finished state and finished date and then proceed. your script executes and actively waits 1 hour. Your script has some flaws! It doesn't check for removed/changed package. if you reset/add stuff to the package while the script is waiting, it will remove even if downloads are still in progress
I rewrote my script with interval trigger but some JD bugs have to be solved before I can release it.
  • package.getFinishedDate() return -1 (reported in Problems & Bug Reports section).
  • package.isFinished() return true if package is disabled despite of none of its links being downloaded/finished. (reported in the above post).

I have to wait those bug to be solved to finish my script.
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