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Default Linkgrabber Not Parsing Links

Earlier today, for some unknown reason, Linkgrabber has stopped parsing links. As I write I have, on the bottom bar, a huge line of clipboard circles with spinning green clock hands. And it has been this way for about 45 minutes.

I have had to end the JDownloader process in task manager twice today in order to get Linkgrabber working again. This worked the first two times, however Linkgrabber has now ceased to function at all.

This affects clipboard links from all websites.

I add the links by right clicking and selecting copy link address. However, this issue persists also when right clicking and selecting download with JDownloader.

Linkgrabber has worked perfectly until now.

Also, I should say that, once there are links that have failed to parse in the clipboard queue, I am also unable to start the download of any links that are held within the Linkgrabber. I can select them, but they do not move to the downloads tab. I have to end the JDownloader process in task manager and restart, then the pre-existing (already on the downloads tab) links can be downloaded.

I would really appreciate some help/advice.

Log files listed below.

07.02.19 15.29.19 <--> 07.02.19 15.26.44 jdlog://7466576935451/
07.02.19 19.51.45 <--> 07.02.19 20.31.23 jdlog://9476576935451/

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