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Hi Jiaz, many thanks for looking into this issue.

Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been going some experimenting.

You are correct, it is the too long VK links that are causing the problem and not all websites links. The other website's links are delayed once the Linkgrabber "pipeline" is delayed with an overly long VK link.

But I am not sure that the VK plugin is broken, for some reason, certain VK users like to add every searchable word under the sun, into the filenames, creating gigantic filenames that are a problem for MS Windows.

While experimenting, I have found that:

Disabling LinkgrabberSettings.autopackagematchingcorrectionenabled and enabling LinkgrabberSettings.autofilenamecorrectionenabled does not resolve the extra long pause to parse Linkgrabber links.

But enabling LinkgrabberSettings.autopackagematchingcorrectionenabled and disabling LinkgrabberSettings.autofilenamecorrectionenabled does seem to prevent the extended delays in parsing Linkgrabber links.

Equally, disabling both settings also seems to resolve the delayed parsing issue.

However, either way. this does not seem to prevent the creation of files with filenames so long that they cannot be handled in Windows Explorer. I had to delete many of these files, using command prompt, because they could not even be renamed in the command prompt.

To deal with the problem, I would suggest that JDownloader could use an advanced "LinkgrabberSettings" setting that forces files, with filenames so long that they cannot be handled by Windows Explorer, to be renamed to the standard 8+3 format when downloaded. This setting could be left unticked by default, if it would cause issues to certain users for whatever reason. Just as long as the function is there, for those that need it.

This solution could also potentially resolve the "invalid download directory" error.

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